Course information and maps

Climb to the top of Mt Barker Summit:

  • Start: Homemaker Centre, Dutton Road (Mt Barker parkrun startline)

  • Follow the sealed trail through Laratinga Wetlands

  • The next bit might be new. We'll update this closer to the race.

  • You'll pop up onto Springs Road. Run along the right hand side of the road until you reach the official crossing point

  • Turn left onto Williams Road

  • At the designated gateway, turn left and run into Ngeringa Vineyards. Follow the marked trail until you return to Williams Road where you turn left and resume your journey

  • Take the next left and continue on Williams Road until you reach the turn around… yes a few more hills but we don’t call this a summit run for nothing

  • Run back down Williams Road until you reach the junction again and turn left onto Summit Fire Track

  • Keep going all the way to the end of the track… your lungs will know you are on a hill and your calves will be burning by now. Keep going – there’s more to come!

  • Now you hit the single track. OK, it’s still going up, but it’s actually quite nice now.

  • When you pop out onto the fire trail, turn left and you’ll see the 10km finish-line. Great job you!

  • Turn around and go back down if you have signed up for the 20km.

A new GPX file will be added before the 2021 event.

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