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Course information and maps

10km and 20km distances

The essence is that you've got to climb to the top of Womma Mu Kurta (or Mt Barker Summit). That's uphill (in case you haven't done our event before). But don't worry, there are some little downhills along the way and the views are amazing.

  • Start: Homemaker Centre, Dutton Road (Mt Barker parkrun startline)

  • Follow the sealed trail for a short bit towards the wetlands.

  • Turn right and cross the creek. Fingers crossed it doesn't rain because this could turn into a bit of a water crossing (seriously, we'd have to re-route, so don't stress).

  • Run adjacent to the wetlands along the gravel paths.

  • Cross under Bald Hills Road. You'll pop up onto the trails into the new Mt Barker sporting complex. Don't forget to check it out as you run through.

  • You'll eventually end up on Springs Road. You must cross the road at the official crossing point.

  • Turn left onto Williams Road

  • At the designated gateway, turn left and run into Ngeringa Vineyards. Follow the marked trail until you return to Williams Road where you turn left and resume your journey

  • Take the next left and continue on Williams Road until you reach the turn around… yes a few more hills but we don’t call this a summit run for nothing

  • Run back down Williams Road until you reach the junction again and turn left onto Summit Fire Track

  • Keep going all the way to the end of the track… your lungs will know you are on a hill and your calves will be burning by now. Keep going – there’s more to come!

  • Now you hit the single track. OK, it’s still going up, but it’s actually quite nice now.

  • When you pop out onto the fire trail, turn left and you’ll see the 10km finish-line. Great job you!

  • Turn around and go back down if you have signed up for the 20km.

Here is the map and downloadable GPX file.

Screen Shot 2021-03-08 at 2.13.03 pm.png

5km walk/run

  • Start: Homemaker Centre, Dutton Road (Mt Barker parkrun startline)

  • Follow the bike trail until you reach Bald Hills Road.

  • Continue along the gravel path around the wetlands.

  • Return to the start/finish line along the bike path.

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