Race Day


Date: Sunday, April 8, 2018
Time: 9am

Conquer the Summit is open to runners, walkers and team entries.

The run starts at Keith Stephenson Park, progresses along the Linear trail to Bald Hills Road, then on to Springs Road all the way to the finish line at the summit.

Local band “Brass Souls” from Mt Barker will be playing at conclusion of the race and there will be a Free BBQ at Keith Stephenson Park.

Prizes will be awarded for each category of entry (see prizes here)

The Beginning

  • Keith Stephenson Park – Easy Parking, access to Toilet facilities & open space.
  • Registration.
  • Late Entries.


  • Toilet Facilities at Keith Stephenson Park


 The Assembly Area
(Before entering onto the Pathway to the “summit”.)

Assembly Area

  • Runners proceed onto “Wetland Parkway”.
  • Along Laratinga Wetlands pathway as directed up to Bald Hills Road.

1st Drink Station.

Drink Station 1


  • Continue on the bitumen pathway

Continue along the bitumen pathway 2

  • Continue along the bitumen pathway

Continue along the bitumen pathway 3

  • Continue along the bitumen pathway




2nd Drink Station

  • Council provided Toilet & Drink stop
  • Last one before the Springs Road


Exit from Larralinga to Bald hills road & toward Springs road

  • Exit from Laratinga to Bald Hills Road & toward Springs Road



3rd Drink Station

  • Follow the road to the left towards the Summit, i.e. the corner of Harper Road and the Mount Barker Summit Road or Spring Road continue.  Another drink station at the Mount Barker Springs sign.


4th Drink Station

  • Another drink station coming up at the pond near 555 Springs Road.  Come to the Summit Rd and Callington Rd crossing, turn left towards Mount Barker Summit.

4th Drink Station5th Drink Station

  • Base of the Summit Road.

5th drink station

Final Drink Station

Final Drink Station

The Finish – Well Done!

The Finish

Notes :

  • Please note: Access to the gravel road up to the summit will be restricted to authorised vehicles on the morning of the run. For your convenience, buses have been arranged to return you to the Park to take part in the Celebrations, collection of certificates, prizes & refreshments.
  1. Parking via Keith Stephenson Park.
  2. Race to commence sharply at 10.00am by assembling at the corner of Keith Stephenson Park. & Adelaide Road.
  3. Toilets available at Keith Stephenson Park.

Entry Kits

  • Team of Max 10 Electronic entry applications forms available via this website Kits available In the kits we have sponsors’ fliers, vouchers and gifts from the sponsors, a complementary water bottle.
  • T/Shirts available to be arranged.

Key Date

  • The race date:     8th April 2018.

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Race Map 2103

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